Breathing for change


Most people who come to counselling and therapy are looking for a means to change old patterns which have become dysfunctional and which lead to pain and frustration in the present. Relationships, work and even our personal goals are often sabotaged by these habitual ways of (re-) acting. Although most people are consciously aware of where these character traits come from, that is, what situations and reationships they were a reaction to, they often seem difficult to change. More often than not they were formed when we were too young to reflect on or rationally react to difficulties we had no control over.


These painful situations, when not appropriately responded to in the moment and emotionally worked through on the scene, often imprint our brains with patterns which carry over into our adult lives despite our best efforts to understand and change the difficult behaviors they give rise to. By accessing and allowing ourselves to stay with feelings from the past, instead of tying to „manage“ or expressing them in the form of symptoms, we can begin to release them and gain both energy and clarity in the present.


Breathing for change is a powerful method which has the power to help us heal our past and open the way to our personal present and future. Through the use of strongly evocative music, designed to draw the participant into various emotional stages and combined with a simple but effective breathing technique, we are enabled to enter into deep cellular levels of memory where old pain and potential are stored, often side by side. By healing the pain, energy is released and can be used consciously to further our plans for the future, repair relationships in the present and generally enhance our enjoy-ment of life.

This work is compatible with any form of therapy, counselling or coaching and can both complement and deepen them. You will have someone at your side throughout the entire session and will do the same for this other person. This is generally experieced as a meaningful and healing part of the session and enhances the change the breathwork initiates.

As emotional memories from the past arise during a session, it is often the body itself which seems to let go of old symptoms and limitations as the painful feelings are released. This results in deep-seated relaxation as we begin dissolving the stress deeply embedded in our body.


You are invited to come to the practice for a personal conversation about any questions you have and what your personal needs might be. This is free of charge and highly recommended if you are doing this work for the first time.