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Kathleen Wyss

Coaching  &  Counselling

Online Counselling


For many people this is already an established way of doing counseling for the 
following reasons:


-   when there’s too little time to come into the practice

-   when for professional reasons  it’s hard to find a time in an otherwise tightly scheduled day    -   they have no-one to look after the children

-   when  there’s no week day when the practice is open or there are times available 


During the pandemic this kind of counselling has become increasingly convenient and many 
have chosen to continue the use of this practical service.  


Extensive training in psychoanalysis, Hakomi (body work), Integrative Breathing  (Holotropic Breath-work) as well as in analytical group psychotherapy.  Additional training in coaching and solution-oriented  therapy  with an emphasis on accessing resources and strengthening  autonomy.

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