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Professional counseling, (short-term-) therapy or coaching provides a safe space for you to explore and sort through various issures that might be causing you distress or confusion. In the first hour, we look at the various options and decide together which form would best suit your needs.

COUNSELING is indicated when a problem is located primarily in the present such as crises or difficulties which arise in the work place or in relationships, for example. The focus is on arriving at a solution which relieves the stress and presents new options for approaching the situation in the near future.

COACHING is often the choice when certain skills need developing. This can be at work or in relationships.. For example, some people have concrete goals they want to reach but don't know how to proceed. Not only is support needed for the next steps, but concrete new skills might need to be developed in order to reach them. Coaching is more structured and might include „home work“ to be carried out in a specific setting (private or work place) between the sessions.

THERAPY is the preferred form for people whose whole life seems to be affected by the after-effects of a difficult childhood or trauma. Here the emphais is placed on re-visiting childhood and understanding the relationships and events which have shaped the way life is lived today. This is often done by using methods designed to engage the unconscious.

Some Examples of treatment areas

·       general dissatisfaction/difficulty with life

·       depression

·       anxiety

·       couples' counseling/relationship work

·       grief work

·       family constellations

·       workplace difficulties

·       Small group work is often a welcome addition to the individual sessions:

·       therapeutic writing

·       integrative breath work (similar to holotropic breath work)

·       thematic groups: adjusting to life in a foreign culture; relationship group for people seeking a partner; group             for people after 60 looking for new perspectives; stress relief (relaxation, meditation, guided visualisation)

no groups for the time being 

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